Our team have experience of virtually every industry that uses stainless steel or nickel alloys. We understand that each of our customers has different needs, systems and requirements. We pride ourselves in adapting to these and exceeding expectations.


Nothing beats experience

We're not nuclear engineers but we do understand your procurement challenges. We hold comprehensive stocks of Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloy Tubes, Pipes, Fittings & Flanges. (Including 304H and 316H)

And if we don't have what you need, we know where to find it.


Put us to the test

The petrochemical industry is rapidly developing new technologies to mitigate global warming. From carbon capture to in-situ manipulation, whether you need "bog-standard" stainless, super-duplex or an “exotic”, please regard us as part of your procurement team.


The cleaner the better

The regulatory demands of the pharmaceutical industry make it one of the most challenging. Our QC, Certification and Testing services ensure we can relieve you of those worries. So much so that many companies specify us as suppliers.


Here for you

Often regarded as a less complex engineering area, we understand delivering projects on time is not easy! With almost all the corrosion-resistant materials you are likely to need and we can tailor our supply to deliver cut finished lengths to site on a just in time basis (JIT).


Next level service

With much precision engineering focused on prototyping and short runs we are geared up to provide new materials in small quantities fast. We know your success depends on flexibility, innovation and speed. We're committed to matching you!


Quality guaranteed

Consistent quality, cleanliness and smoothbores are essential to the vacuum industry. Whether for chambers, feed-throughs, valves, viewports or pumps, we have stocks of leak-tested, seamless and welded tubes polished inside and out.


Luxury liner, Super yacht or Mass-market boat builder

They all have to face that most challenging environment - the sea! We all know that 316 is marine grade stainless but there are often better alternatives. 304 may save you money while the duplex steels may offer better corrosion and stress qualities while also saving weight. We have them all - and many more!

Our business is understanding your business.

We cannot match our customers' technical knowledge in their industries but we like to think we have unrivaled expertise in procurement, distribution, certification and testing.

Our aim is always to deliver the right material, on time, in the most cost effective way possible. By getting to know our customers we can precisely tailor our support to help them maximise their profitability, whether by reducing scrap, handling costs or even finishing expenses.

Register with us and we will allocate a specific member of staff to look after all your needs and you'll also have access to our 24/365 support.